Landmark Communications, Inc.

Landmark Communications was a privately held company which specialized in media properties including The Weather Channel and several local television stations and newspapers. In January of 2008 the Batten family announced they had decided to divest all of Landmark’s holdings.
Director of Tax
Directed all federal, state and local income tax compliance. There were 17 wholly owned subsidiaries who had filing requirements spread across thirty states. This, of course included estimated tax, extension requests, return preparation and audit defense.

Managed the implementation of Tax Stream tax provision software as a preparatory step in setting up due diligence for the tax area. Managed ASC 740 / FAS109 accounting for income taxes for current year as well as for restatement of financials for divestiture.

Managed the tax due diligence process for the sale and attempted sale of several entities in the process of divesting the Batten family of their holdings. Left for the position at JTH Tax when management of Landmark was comfortable that I met conditions and received my “stay bonus” at completion of my duties.